Is the Chairman of Fortune Trust Consulting Limited(FTCL). He was former Manager/Secretary to the Board of Directors of Ebu Community Bank Nigeria Limited.

Before His appointment as Manager/Secretary, he was Project Director of Omoahi International Company Limited. Mr. Anthony Kechojo Oma Egbenyor was alsopreviously General Manager of Group Parker Nigeria Limited and Manager at the Central Bank of Nigeria. He is an accomplished professional Economist and Administrator.

He is a Business Administration graduate and holds certificates in Project Management Techniques, Use of key to Disc Sub-systems,Computer Operations, Supervision and Control, Computer Programme & System Analysis from different universities around the globe. He is a consummate writer and author of several books including the ABC of Microfinance Banking.

He is a Member Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered) as well as Associate Chartered Economist (ACE) Institute of Chartered Economist of Nigeria. He has brought to the Board a wealth of experience spanning four decades and diverse sectors of the Nigerian economy, in advanced operating standards, corporate governance, astute leadership and cognate management.